Apple Lead Times Largely Stable, Except for the MacBook Pro

Apple Lead Times Largely Stable, Except for the MacBook Pro

From mid-November 2021 to May 19th, we have been tracking lead times at Apple for nine products in six countries. We’ve found that lead times for 8 of the 9 products have been essentially stable over the past month. It’s worth noting that on exception, the MacBook Pro lead time skyrocketed over the past month, increasing from 9 days to 58 days. We estimate the MacBook Pro is about 4% of overall sales.

Lead Time Details

  • Typical lead times for Apple products in the third month of the March quarter are “same day.”
  • Today, Apple is quoting an average of 11 days for the seven products launched last fall and the two new products launched this Spring in six countries (United States, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, and China). That is a measurable step back from the 7 days we observed at the beginning of April.
  • MacBook Pro is in the tightest supply among the nine products, with lead times averaging 56.7 days. This is a major increase from the 9 days we observed in April. The Mac accounts for about 10% of sales.
  • Although the iPad remains to be in a tighter supply than most of the products we track, its lead time improved from 25 days in April to 18 days in May. For the iPad Mini, it has an average delivery time of 1.2 days, which is an improvement from 2 days we observed at the beginning of April. The iPad accounts for about 8% of sales.
  • An improvement in the average delivery time for the Mac Studio is observed as well, from 19.4 days in April to 15.5 days in May.
  • The new iPhone SE lead times declined from 2 days in April to 1.2 days in May. The average delivery time for iPhone 13 remains to be “same day.” However, for iPhone 13 Pro, the average delivery time slightly increases from “same day” to 1.5 days. The iPhone accounts for just under 53% of revenue.
  • The Apple Watch and AirPods 3 experience the same trend in which the average delivery times slightly go up from “same day” in April to 1.2 days now. Apple Watch accounts for just over 5% of revenue.