Enjoy Tryout Passes the Test

Enjoy Tryout Passes the Test

The best way to understand a product or service is to experience it. That’s what Loup contributor Zheng Li recently did with the purchase of an Apple TV with Enjoy delivery and setup. The bottom line: it was a smooth process, better than to-the-door, and he would recommend Apple and AT&T customers give it a try. Loup is an investor in Enjoy.

A quick note on supply constraints

When Apple reported its September quarter, it cautioned that supply constraints, particularly around Mac and iPad, would mute sales growth in the holiday quarter. Despite this headwind, Apple still expects solid (around 5%) year-over-year revenue growth this period.

Apple is one of Enjoy’s four key customers and we estimate Apple accounts for less than 10% of Enjoy revenue today, given Apple is still in test mode with Enjoy. Putting it together, we don’t see measurable risk related to supply constraints, and if we’re wrong, we’d expect them to be transitory and likely resolve themselves over the next year. More important is the pace at which Enjoy expands its relationship with Apple. As a reminder, Enjoy started 2021 in 3 markets, expanded to 8 by mid-August, and by September 15, Enjoy worked with Apple in 14 US markets.

What is Enjoy?

Enjoy partners with premium brands, including Apple and AT&T, to offer a high-touch delivery, setup, and retail experience in the home. Think of it as the best elements of a store coming to you. We see Enjoy as a pure-play on experiential commerce at home.

The product

Zheng went to Apple.com and upgraded his Apple TV hardware to the latest 4K model.  The device came with a 3-month free subscription to Apple TV+ streaming, a timely addition to the product given the recently-released Foundation series.

The funnel

In the Apple purchase funnel, dates and delivery options are clearly noted. What stands out is the Enjoy delivery option does not have any branding associated with it, seemingly a vote of confidence from Apple related to the quality of the Enjoy experience.

The experience

After submitting the order, Zheng received a message about the appointment from Apple, including details that Enjoy would be doing the delivery and setup, along with confirmation of the date, time of delivery, and name of the Enjoy expert:

The Enjoy associate arrived on time in a corporate minivan, introduced herself and followed standard COVID protocols. The Enjoy associate unboxed the Apple TV and went over each item in the box. She switched out the old Apple TV and walked through the sign in with the Apple ID. Since Apple TV does not have cloud backup, the associate wrote down a number of apps that were on the previous box to install on the new box.

The upsell

Towards the end of the install experience, the Enjoy associate presented a code for an additional 1 month free of Apple TV+. She also presented the option to upgrade to Apple One and mentioned Zheng’s existing news subscriptions to The Economist and Wall Street Journal are included with Apple News. The Enjoy associate also offered a temporary user account to access the Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness TV.

Mobile warehouse

Toward the very end of the install process, the Enjoy associate inquired about additional Apple accessory needs. Zheng was missing an Apple extension charging cable for his office setup, which the Enjoy expert had in stock in the minivan.

Follow up

As the Enjoy associate left, Zheng received a final update from Apple asking him to confirm the delivery was successful, at which point the Apple Store link displayed a completed delivery.


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