Investing in Bumblebee Spaces

Investing in Bumblebee Spaces

We’re investing in Bumblebee Spaces as a play on AI and robotics helping to solve the problem of escalating housing costs. The company has a modular ceiling system to address storage needs. Bumblebee users can store a desk, bed, closet, clothes and everyday items in the ceiling, which multiplies the usability of living space. For example, a small room can be a workout room in the morning, office during the day, a living room in the evening, and a bedroom at night.

Today, housing is defined in square feet. In the future, it will be defined in cubic feet.

The Bumblebee platform offers three core competencies:

  1. Modular: The hoist robot can be extended to add additional storage modules or furniture. The exterior skin of the robot and lighting can be customized.
  2. Safe: Safety is built in via software, electrical, and mechanical redundancies.
  3. Intelligent: Sensor fusion and AI systems enable users to store, search, and retrieve items contextually and on-demand through an intuitive on-board UX.

Bumblebee is led by CEO Sankarshan Murthy (Tesla, Apple, DeWalt) and co-founders Garrett Rayner (Tesla, Raytheon) and Prahlad Athreya (CVS, AVIS). The team is passionate about getting our stuff out of the way to help us make space for what matters most in life.

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