Loup TV 114: Tesla Update (V11)

Loup TV 114: Tesla Update (V11)

Gene and Rebecca discuss Tesla’s latest software update and conclude that it is a step forward.


  • Tesla’s recent UI lays the groundwork for future user customization and highlights the potential for an app store.
  • While many users see the changes as jarring, we’re net positive.
  • Besides the light show, some new features include: a Blind Spot Camera; Navigation Waypoints that route various destinations within one trip; expanded Entertainment/Audio options, such as access to Spotify playlists; and updated functionality within the companion Tesla smartphone app, with a Financing tab to pay monthly installments, as well as a Scheduling tab, to remotely pre-condition the car’s battery in anticipation of a long trip or charging session.
  • Big picture: Tesla is laying the groundwork for an ecosystem with more applications and user customization.


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