The Loup Ventures VR Starter Kit

The Loup Ventures VR Starter Kit

Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting new technology with tremendous near and long term implications for society. While not mainstream yet, VR is on its way towards becoming the next major computing platform along with augmented reality. There are now movies, books, YouTube channels, websites, commercials, and more on the topic of virtual reality. The VR wave is coming, so we built an industry guide to help you find the resources to learn all about the technology’s past, present, and future.

From highlighting the best head mounted displays and virtual experiences to our favorite VR websites, books and more, our VR starter kit gives you a one-stop shop towards a deeper understanding of what all the VR hype is about and how you can stay ahead of the trend.

Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) to Buy

Cheap cardboard VR headsets or 3 degree of freedom (DoF) HMDs are not capable of simulations worthy of compelling immersion. To be sold on the future of VR, you have to try these 6-DoF headsets:

  • Oculus Rift ($349) – Requires an Oculus Ready Gaming PC but is the best value HMD with top quality VR experiences on the market. Similar in quality is the HTC Vive, but those two stand head and shoulders above Windows MR and PSVR.
  • Oculus Quest ($399) – Coming in Spring 2019 as the first standalone 6DoF HMD (like the Rift but without the need for an $800+ PC). Our suggestion would be to wait until the Quest arrives to buy an HMD unless you have a gaming PC for a Rift.

Must Try VR Experiences

These are the essential 6-DoF virtual experiences that will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of immersion and simulation inside virtual reality.

  • Oculus Dreamdeck (Free)
    • The best short demo to show someone VR for the first time. (The T-Rex will leave your knees shaking.)
  • Oculus First Contact (Free)
    • Fun tutorial on how to use your real hands in a virtual world to experience “presence”.
  • Beat Saber ($19.99)
    • Everyone’s favorite VR rhythm game. Arguably #1 must have VR game, especially with the custom songs mod loaded.
  • Robo Recall (Free)
    • Most polished VR first-person shooter that will make you put away your Xbox controller.
  • Bullet Train (Free)
    • Our favorite VR first-person shooter demo to give newcomers a taste of intense VR action.
  • Henry (Free for a limited time)
    • Pixar-esque, Emmy-winning 360-degree animated short film.
  • Google Earth VR (Free)
    • Fly and walk around the world in virtual reality. A great example of how VR is a much better way to check out a location than a 360-degree photo on the 2D Google Earth from your computer screen.
  • Tilt Brush (Free)
    • Paint in 3D space with virtual reality. The room is your canvas.
  • Rec Room (Free)
    • One of best multiplayer gaming experiences to play everything from Laser Tag to Disc Golf with friends and strangers.
  • VR Chat (Free)
    • A very, very early example of the Metaverse (which we explain all about here). The quintessential VR social experience out to date.

For more, check out the top-selling lists on the Oculus and Steam stores.

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Special thanks to Mike Cussell from Virtual Reality Oasis and Justin Massion from VirtuOS for their contributions.

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